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You get three wishes. Only three.
What do you wish for?

Fancy car? Abs? All your debts paid?
I’ll tell you this, one of my wishes would be to never forget my babies as they are now.
I started crying today because I couldn’t remember much of T-Rex at Tank’s age. (10 months of) I hate it!!!

Why can’t I remember? Why do I only remember some moments? Sometimes, in a totally normal mom way, not a creepy psycho way, I wish I could bottle them up and just keep their tininess in my pocket. I suppose my heart will do. Dang our needy human ways!
T-Rex melts me with his brown eyes and Tank has a smile that could change your whole outlook on life. I am blessed and I hope you know you are too. Even when they spray baby powder. Everywhere.
Even when T-Rex tells me no or to calm down. Or when Tank refuses bedtime before 1:00am.
As moms, sometimes we forget that these moments go by quickly and get frustrated easily when the moments are hard to live in.

Feeling very thankful for social media like Facebook so I can spam everyone with my baby’s pictures. I mean they’re for me not them anyways right?

I don’t want three wishes I just want to always remember. The giggles at bath time, the way his hair curls on top when it air dries, the messy baby food feedings with Tank when we both wear more than he swallows. I want to remember the first time on the potty and the celebratory dances that follow, the way he only eats half his corn dogs and the look on his face when he opens up presents. I want to remember Tank 6-toothed smile and how he smacks his lips to give kisses. Ugh.

I just want to remember.
I will be old and grey.
Probably still a hott mess, but I hope that the Lord preserves my memories.
I cannot. I will not read the book “as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be…”
I just can’t.
I cry. A LOT. Like big hot, sappy tears.
Even worse, t-Rex leans over and goes “oh momma no cry, awwwww wuv you momma.”

Lawdddd Jesus I am emotional and I need your heavenly peace to consume my anxious heart.
The future is tomorrow. So live in each moment with your babies. The gym can wait. The house chores can wait.
Just live and remember. No genie can give you those memories.
This was written in love and memory for Ally Hooten. #AllysLegacy #FlyHighAlly

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