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noun, God’s favor and protection.Today, well everyday, I feel so blessed & grateful to have received the keys to our GX460, like what!? Well let me tell you how I got to this moment of driving a luxury SUV for free. If you want a condensed video version click here. If you want to get sappy and real with me, keep reading.img_5335

As I previously mentioned, two and a half years ago today, I said yes to network marketing. This was not my plan A, trust me. I wanted to work for NASA. I wanted to be a woman of influence not a “salesy” catalog lady! I wanted more for my future family. I wanted purpose.jeremiah2911

I had a need to contribute again after having my first baby. I had recently left Corporate America (Plan, like C or D at this point) and we were living on my husband’s military income. I think college kids ate better than us some months because we needed diapers more than we need ingredients for dinner, by the grace of God we always made it by. My childhood wasn’t any different…

Growing up in a hard working household that lived pay to paycheck. I wanted more for my family. I respected my mom and all of her odd jobs. She showed me that it was possible to fully raise and support four children on her own after my parent’s divorce. So I never would have believed that I’d one day be in a position to drive a luxury car, never mind a brand new, fully loaded one for FREE.
But here I am today, after years of hard work for the man, building my dream home with my dream man & now driving our SECOND dream car… well more like our dream SUV, my dream car is a Lambo or a Tesla. #ComingSoon #OneDay HAHA!
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So how did I get here and more importantly how can you too, live the life of your dreams? Here’s my quick advice & keys to success…
1) Find the right opportunity… one that will allow you to have both financial freedom & time freedom. Find it, then say YES!!!! What good is making a lot of money if you don’t have the free time to enjoy it? I chose Plexus. (11 ways to be paid in their comp plan!? Hollaaaa!)
2) Keep God first. FAITH over fear will help you annihilate those goals with a smile on your face and the Holy Spirit in your heart.

3) Finally, put your blinders on and run!!! This means ignoring the skeptics, haters & doubters and working your booty off! You’re gonna need to work hard, work smart, & forfeit making excuses! Productivity kills fear and eats doubt for breakfast. Your mindset is everything.


Are there more keys to success? Oh I’m sure there are!! I’m surrounded by successful geniuses but this is what works for me!
In life, your drive and determination are far more important than your background and experience, and your current success level doesn’t matter, because your past does not dictate your future. Trust me I know.
If you’re hungry enough, you can go from wherever you are now, to wherever you desire to be. Hello, hott-mess momma here, making six figures from home, in her jammies!
Here’s the thing, material items don’t matter. We can’t take them to Heaven BUT they’re a reflection of an earthly blessing provided to me by God and my Plexus business.
After the first 100 miles showed up on the dash I got so emotional! My first 100 miles driven in a car I only ever stared at in TV commercials…One day I hope you take that deep breath of new car smell and remember this…
Number 1, that all your hard work was worth it.
Number 2, those “new car scented air fresheners” you buy at the car wash don’t even come close to what a REAL new car interior smells like.
Number 3, You’ve come a long way from day one and now you get to share your how to’s and success story with those struggling.
If no one has told you recently that they believe in you, someone does! And they’re probably calling you momma or daddy!
Philippians 4:13!!!!!!!!!phil413
I believe in you, you deserve to live the life you dreams and you have what it takes inside you to make your dreams a reality!
And always remember, there’s plenty of room at the top. If regular, ordinary people like Scotty and I who came from very humble beginnings can achieve our dreams, then you can too!
Oh and remember!! If that weak voice inside your head ever tries to convince you to stay comfortable, remain fearful or to just tip toe through life, never taking any risks, hoping to sneak quietly into the grave, just remember….
Your fears do not serve anybody! So step up be bold, and as my 2 year old states, “let’s do dis momma!”
If you appreciated this post & if it inspired and/or motivated you, feel free to let me know in a comment below, share it or tag anyone you’d like to inspire or motivate in a comment below.
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5 thoughts on “#IsThisRealLife”

  1. Well I’m a blubbering mess now. You are such are amazing woman of God. Your blog and your facebook live videos give me the courage to step out of my comfort zone.

  2. You are so inspirational, Emily! Thank you for giving me what I need to keep pushing through. Can’t wait to FINALLY hit that silver 🙂 hopefully this month!

  3. You are my daily inspiration and help me get past my feelings of defeat and turn them into determination. Thank you for being you!!!

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