I bet you’re a great story teller. I mean you’re probably a mom or a parent reading this so you’re thinking “yeah girl I can make up a princess fairytale quicker than my two year old can paint eyebrows on his little brother with my lip liner he stole out of my purse for the 5th time this week.”
Right? That’s what you were thinking. Gah I’m good. Ha! Anyways, I’m currently working on curriculum for an 8 week training I’m doing for my business partners. It’s about making sure your faith is bigger than your fear.
So as I was saying, you’re just that. A story teller!
*Emily you said that already*
Well you are! Why? Because fears are just stories we keep telling ourselves. I mean we never forget a good story right?

That’s what fear does in our minds, repeats over and over and over.


Y’all, I don’t want to live in fear. Actually ever since the bus accident I’m really focusing on this. I want to live the fullest life and show my kids what it’s like to be brave. I want to have courage like David did when he stood up to Goliath.

I want my son to jump in the deep end. I want him to try new foods. I want him to be brave.
I want to be the super mommy that scared all the bedtime monsters away before my son ever knew they existed because he was fearless!

I mean, he may jump off the couch and bang his head so bad it looks like a golf ball is trying to escape from his brain, but hey he’s fearless right? I want him to replace “I’m scared” with Philippians 4:13

“I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.”

(Disclaimer and explanation: T-rex and his cousin were jumping on the couch and chasing each other all over my in-laws condo. He fell backwards off the arm of the couch and landed smack dab on his face. When he stopped crying this was the picture we took. Ouch. I know right?)

Okay let’s continue…

So stop. Stop with the silly nonsense stories up in there. Change your mindset.

My mom always taught me growing up, to hold my thoughts captive because NO BAD THOUGHTS EVER COME FROM THE LORD.
Never. Ever.
If you tell a story. Tell your sons or daughters the story of the brave mommy who reached her fullest potential and did everything as if her life depended on it because the townspeople (her kiddos) believed in her and desperately needed her bravery to show them that anything is possible with the Lord and belief!
Motherhood is Indescribable. It’s a mess. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be scary! Let’s replace our fear with faith. Let’s teach our children that change isn’t always a bad thing that’s it preparing our hearts to overcome fears! So try the sushi, contact that frenemy, go back to church and just say yes already to opportunities!
I’ll leave you with this, if you weren’t afraid of anything, what would YOU do?

— Emily Roberts

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  1. Did God EVER put you in my path when I needed to hear what you’re saying now more than ever before! #anotherplexyblessingIneversawcoming

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