#FaithOverFear Pt. 2

Fear of failing; failure

Mini blog.

Did you know most of us quit something before ever beginning that something?

Sounds ridiculous right? Well it’s true. I bet you can count at least 5 things you have quit. Sports, working out, diets, reading a book, a certain hobby, nursing your baby, a job……the list goes on.
We quit because we are already so fearful of failing that new idea we are presently passionate about.
This is usually when Doubt, fear and intimidation creep in and steal the show. They pull a “Kanye” like, “Imma let you finish but first off..” and we talk ourselves out of what we either just began or were about to begin!
Fear is a CHOICE. So stop choosing to be fearful! Did you know the word atychiphobia is the fear of failure? It has an actual word y’all!! We have got to pull ourselves together!!!
We don’t let our kiddos quit? We cheer for them, we correct them, we SHOW them how to succeed! Whether it’s tying their shoes, taking that first bite of cereal and not spilling or even potty training! So what are we teaching them when we get scared before trying!
On the other side of fear is your accomplishment! So don’t quit before trying, just do it afraid!!
— Emily Roberts

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