judg • ment

the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.
“an error of judgment”
*synonyms: discernment, acumen, shrewdness, astuteness, sense, common sense, perception, perspicacity, percipience, acuity, discrimination, more;


Now, before we mosey on into this blog let’s go over two things. Number one, if the hashtag title of this blog offends you, get over yourself. My judgement comes from no one but the Lord Almighty so take your ruffled panties elsewhere.

Secondly, this blog is for all you parents out there who just want to go to the park and play with your kids when some Snudy Judy comes strolling on over to tell you how awful it is to be on your phone at the park when all you were doing was taking a DADGUM picture of your child’s sweet face for your blog. *Ahem. Tosses hair over shoulder*


Okay I’m good now. We can continue.

We all have them. They ruin our days. They usually offer unsolicited parenting or marital advice, they’re always passive aggressive and they always ask weird psychological questions that are so dang condescending. Like “Do you spank your son? Oh wow, that will turn into a dark childhood for him and he will become the next Magic Mike.” Like what? Enough with the #PsychoBabble people! Y’all I know firsthand all there is to know about daddy issues. So spare me the spanking and Magic Mike lectures.

So they ask their “askhole” question. Then the thing happens. The second guessing crap. “Am I a bad mom because I let my kid eat 2 Oreos for breakfast?” “Why did she ask that? Did someone say something about me?” Or even this one, a fan favorite, the comparison game. “She’s right, She will never get into an Ivy League school because she was only crawling at 7 months. I’m a failure”.

STOP IT. Pull yourself together and stop it!
These people are “ASKHOLES”. They purposely ask you questions they already have judgmental answers for! These people also need grace. They don’t get you and they don’t have to. They don’t want to.

If you’re reading this, you’re a wonderful parent. You matter. Your parenting may be weird, your kids may act hellacious but as I mentioned above your judgement is between you and The Father.


Gah. I’m seriously over the “askholes” in my life. So I just started saying YES or congratulations to everything they ask.

Y’all. It’s liberating and hilarious. So the next time an “askhole” walks up at the grocery store to ask you if you know that all of your children are screaming or crying at one time, just stare deep into their eyes and confidently say yes.

You will win every time and they will walk away.
You’re welcome.

Keep being the best mommy you know to be, feed your kids, do your research and make educated decisions BUT please oh please stop judging parents who live differently than you.

So if you’re reading this and you my dear think that YOU may be the “askhole” in someone’s life. Just don’t. Keep the questions inside your ignorant, small minded brain. It’s unnecessary and quite frankly your just a grown up bully. Because here’s the thing, the beauty of parenthood is that there is no definition. We father and mother our children to the best of our abilities and pray over God’s provisions for their lives. That’s it. The next time you want to ask one of your condescending questions offer up a hug or even a compliment! Because when you judge…you’re just an ass.

No matter what others think, ask, or even say of you God is in control. Let’s offer more grace towards one another and leave our parenting advice to the Bible and the man upstairs. #ThyWillBeDone


— Emily Roberts

P.S. I love Jesus Christ but I cuss a little.

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  1. Dont ya just luv them Noisy Rosy kinda ppl..
    Momma always said: Kill em with Kindness or you could flick a booger on em..Baaahaaa!!

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