My Dudes

This is my crew. I am fierce and I will go straight up momma-bear on your butt if you hurt them. Meet my gracious and freaking hott husband Scotty. Meet little man G, my youngest feisty little bean. Lastly, meet S. He's my first born and my mini-me. They are MY life and these stories are about them. Not pictured is Kennedy Roberts who is watching over us with my Mimi, Poppy and Deedo.

Our Story

My husband forgave me in 2011. I made awful mistakes I can never take back. This is where we inserted GRACE. Without grace there would be no #RobertsPartyOf5 - You better believe I am thankful for second chances. My husband and I have been married almost 7 years as I type this and I hope to surpass way over 50 years with him. He completes me. My boys entered our lives in February of 2014 and 2016. As parents we yell, we make forts, we wipe butts and we make mistakes, but we are figuring it all out together and that's what is most important. Currently anxious as we await the arrival of baby #3 in December!

Meet #RobertsPartyOf5

ETA: December 2017



My three-nager.
My boy.
My first little love.



My stubborn monkey.
My communicator.
My bull in a china shop.

These two make life interesting, smelly and fun.



My swolemate.
My other half.


Baby #3

Our surprise.
Our secret.
Our story to tell.

2017 is in The Lord's hands. Oh, how He has a sense of humor!

Our Business

We give hope and time back to mommy's and daddy's all over the world. We stopped giving other's the luxury of raising our boys and we said yes to Plexus.