My Chains Are Gone

Grace is my word. Seriously. Amazing Grace is also my all time favorite hymn. I’m singing it now and hope you’re humming along too. Y’all may never know my heart, only my words typed out here, but let me tell ya, The Lord knows my soul and I gave my heart to Christ on May 22, 1998. Click below to read one of my favorite scriptures!

Psalm 107:14


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Emily Roberts

Emily Roberts, proper noun
perfectly imperfect, also known as mom, momma, mommy or Em.

Well I was going to talk in third person about myself but that’s awkward so why not just throw it all out there. I am flawed. I am driven. I am passionate. I am stubborn. I am a Diamond Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. (I know half of you are like ewwww, she’s in network marketing oh how preposterous!!! The insanity!! Call a wahbulance, network marketing is LEGIT) I am a momma and a wife but most importantly, like you, I am a sinner who needs grace just as bad as I need oxygen. So why not write about all of this and share it with complete strangers?!

I’m 26 years old and a Texas native. My husband and I traveled the first six years of our marriage wherever the Marine Corps placed us and I’m really okay with it now although then, it was terrifying. I have two stinky, precious boys we will call them G and S. They are my minis and I call them T-rex and Tank. They chase you, scare you and destroy everything in site! Memories or messes it depends on the day but it all boils down to being a part of motherhood. I am and will always be responsible for them. What a blessing it is that The Lord chose me, a human train wreck, to teach them about Him and life. Seriously? Ah, I truly get where “my cup runneth over” comes from. It’s spilling y’all. No for real, I’m watching my now two year old spill his freshly poured apple juice on the carpet in front of me. I hate carpet. Ah, bless their hearts they’re stuck with this momma.

Any who, I’m sitting in a very uncomfortable chair typing this so I will wrap it up. I love to sing. No scratch that, I love to serenade others! I FaceTime my mom an unhealthy amount of times in one day. I attempt to cook and meal prep. I am a proud Network Marketing supporter. I do not plan on having any more children. I eat sweets even though I know they’re bad for my health. If it ain’t fun I’m not doing it. I am a people pleaser. I cry when I’m angry. I shut down when I’m sad. I have a small obsession with Louis Vuitton and bought my first one in 2013 (we will get to that later). I love Jesus but I cuss a little. I am perfectly imperfect. I am flawed.

Did we just become best friends? Okay great! Now go read the stuff I put out here and tell me I’m pretty, that’s what best friends do!

I’m a “mompreneur” aka mom and an entrepreneur. But if you combine my wine habits and my crock pot dinners that really makes me a WINNER. Get it? Moving on…. I am the CEO of my life but I am also a HOTT STINKIN’ MESS. So enjoy. I hope we can laugh, sing and cry together for what’s to come from this.img_0780

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